Do you service your client base with the consulting services, like law, accountancy, IT or marketing ? Do you want to expand your services and start to offer also an option to secure the payments for your customers ?

For this opportunity we bring you our payment managment system called eCommerce. With this solution you can easy setup a gateway to process the payments and connect your clients – merchants with dozens of integrated banks and alternative payment methods.

Your client can see all their passed transactions in the simple and clean merchant backoffice. They get the detailed overview of all their payments, terminals, statements and invoices.

For you, we prepared the admin backoffice, which is more sophisticated. In this interface you can see all the merchants you are managing and all their payments. You can simple set risk managment, make the connections with the gateways and prepare the invoices for your clients.

You can also customize the application with your brad pictures and logo, so the app will be more recognizable to your users.

For example of the client using our eCommerce system we can introduce company PaySpeedo based in the United Kingodms. They are using our system since 2018, they are managing 30 merchants with thousands of transactions, divided into several paying methods – credit cards, paypall, skrill, etc…


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